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History of Ceyherbal Lanka

CeyHerbal Lanka has roots in rich Ayurvedic tradition dating back to almost 150 years.

  • 1890Dr W.R. Wyderatne

    A popular Ayurvedic doctor in Udasiyapatuwa, Matale, Dr W.R. Wyderatne had been researching and practicing Ayurveda since the 1890s. He obtained his profound knowledge in this ancient science under the tutelage of Ven. Bothota Mahanaya Thero who, with his vast knowledge in this ancient art of healing, had taught him how to prepare all the Ayurvedic medicines that have been recorded by his predecessors on palm-leaf books.
  • 1951Founded

    The company, under the CeyHerbal name Sri Jeewaka Aushadha Salawa - ශ්‍රී ජීවක ඖෂධ ශාලාව, was founded in Matale in 1951 by Ayurvedic doctor, W.R. Senewiratne who had been practicing the ancient medicine of Ayurveda since 1925 as a young teenager under the tutelage of his father Dr W.R Wyderatne.
  • 1960Opened up a practice in Elahera.

    Enriched with the rich knowledge passed on to him, Dr. W.R. Senewiratne registered the Ayurvedic Treatment centre, Sri Jeewaka Aushadha Salawa - ශ්‍රී ජීවක ඖෂධ ශාලාව, and practiced in the districts of Kandy and Matale by healing all types of ailments that were deemed incurable by many physicians of that time. In the 1960s, by popular demand for his services by people of the Pollonaruwa district, Dr W.R Senewiratne opened up a practice in Elahera.

    During his time in Elahera, he saved the lives of thousands of people in the Pollonaruwa district by using his expert knowledge on Ayurvedic medicine. He had the unique talent of identifying diseases that were hidden and successfully treat them. He was known to cure lesions, snake bites and even cancer in several patients.

    Four of Dr W.R. Senewiratne’s sons also went on to the field of Ayurvedic medicine. The youngest, Mr W.R. Chandra Kulawansha, who was in government corporate sector, now a retired school Principal, was passionate of Ayurvedic medicine with a vast knowledge gathered from his father. Mr W.R. Chandra Kulawansha expanded the company by manufacturing Ayurveda products using the same techniques that were in his family for over 150 years.

  • 2012Re-launched

    In 2012, W.R. Chandra Kulawansha and his sons re-launched the company under the name CeyHerbal Lanka Pvt. Ltd and expanded their sales market to several parts of the country. All production is still done by hand and only local, organic plants are used in order to obtain the highest assured product quality. More research is underway to develop new ayurvedic herbal products in order to expand its market for the benefit of the people both locally and internationally. CeyHerbal Lanka also prides in its corporate social responsibility by giving employment opportunities, supporting local communities and upliftment of the local people.